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Aircraft Maintenance

Smart Aviation Flight Training Center is a place where maintenance meets the highest compliance standards with the regulations. With approval for compliance with CAO (Civil Aviation Organization) 145 standards, Smart Aviation ensures the highest quality of aircraft maintenance.

One of the key aspects of maintenance at Smart Aviation is the training of personnel in handling Tecnam aircraft. This training equips the staff with the necessary skills to efficiently service and maintain these advanced machines. Tecnam aircraft are renowned for their innovative solutions and excellent quality, making proper personnel training essential to ensure their safe and effective operation.

At Smart Aviation, the focus isn't just on the quality of training but also on continuous improvement of personnel skills and strict compliance with aviation regulations. As a result, Smart Aviation stands as a place where maintenance attains the highest standards, contributing to the safety and reliability of aircraft and customer satisfaction.


Excellent Technical Service - Safety Priority

In our Maintenance Base, we focus on providing the highest quality aircraft maintenance services. Our team of certified aircraft mechanics are enthusiasts with extensive experience in the field of aviation. For us, each aircraft is unique, which is why we undertake repairs, inspections and maintenance with the greatest care, ensuring the perfect operation of each machine.