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Modular Course


The Private Pilot License for Aircraft (PPL(A)) allows the holder to conduct non-commercial flights on single-engine piston aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight not exceeding 5700 kg.

Training costs


PPL(A) theoretical training
Net priceHoursComments
1 000 EUR100 h30 h classroom / 70 h distance learning
PPL(A) practical training SEP(L)
Net priceHoursComments
7 425 EUR45 hTraining on the Tecnam P2008JF / P2002JC

Total training cost: 8 572,50 EUR

Training Costs

Additional costs

PPL(A) practical exam
Net priceComments
247,50 EURExam on the Tecnam P2002JF/P2008JC
EPPO full landing fee
15 EURGross cost including discount
EPPO touch & go landing fee
5 EURGross cost including discount