Smart Aviation
Modular Course

High-Performance Aircraft (HPA) Training

Have you ever dreamed of piloting advanced and high-speed aircraft? Our High-Performance Aircraft (HPA) training is the key to achieving your goal!

Why choose our HPA training?

  • Experienced Instructors: Our qualified team of instructors are aviation experts with thousands of hours of flight experience on advanced aircraft. They are eager to share their knowledge with you.
  • Safety: At Smart Aviation, we prioritize the highest safety standards. Our HPA training is designed to provide you with full preparation for flying advanced machines.
  • Wide Range of Skills: During the HPA course, you will master advanced aviation techniques, emergency management, and navigation in changing weather conditions. You will be ready to handle the challenges posed by modern aircraft.
  • Individual Approach: We tailor our training to your needs and skills. Each student has the opportunity to progress at their own pace, ensuring a complete understanding of the material.
  • Practical Training: Our philosophy focuses on a practical approach to learning. During HPA training, you will regularly undertake flights, allowing you to gain the necessary experience.

Begin your adventure with advanced aircraft and enroll in our High-Performance Aircraft (HPA) training today.