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Helicopter Base - Kobylnica EPHC

Smart Aviation Training Center is proud to introduce our Helicopter Base situated at Kobylnica Airport (EPHC). This base serves as a focal point for our helicopter training operations and offers a range of specialized services for rotary-wing aircraft.


Strategic Location at Kobylnica

Our Helicopter Base is strategically located at Kobylnica Airport (EPPK), which is in close proximity to Poznań. This advantageous location provides convenient access to training facilities and operational support for helicopter pilots.

Baza śmigłowcowa
Smart Aviation

Comprehensive Helicopter Support

In our Helicopter Base in Kobylnica, we have our own helipad registered by the ULC as EPHC, which allows us to cater to the training and operational needs of helicopters. These services include helicopter hangar facilities and the capability to support night landings, creating an ideal training environment. Additionally, our office building provides the perfect space for pre-flight preparations.

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