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Maintenance Base - Zielona Góra - Babimost EPZG

At our Poznań-Ławica EPPO Aircraft Base, our aircraft receive top-quality maintenance, thanks to our experienced certified mechanics. At Smart Aviation, we understand that professional care for our aircraft is crucial for safety and efficiency. We spare no effort to provide the best maintenance services.

Smart Aviation

Excellent Technical Support - Safety First

In our Maintenance Base, we focus on delivering the highest quality aircraft maintenance services. Our team of certified aircraft mechanics are passionate individuals with extensive experience in aviation. To us, every aircraft is unique, and we approach repairs, inspections, and maintenance with the utmost care, ensuring the flawless operation of each machine.

Smart Aviation

Professionalism at Your Fingertips

At Smart Aviation, we understand that time is a valuable resource in aviation. That's why all work in our Maintenance Base is conducted promptly, ensuring that you are ready to take off in the shortest possible time. Our team works with precision and dedication to ensure that our aircraft are fully operational and ready for airborne challenges.

Smart Aviation

Innovative Solutions, Timeless Passion

Our Maintenance Base combines the traditional values of aviation with modern technologies and innovative solutions. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest trends and standards in aviation maintenance and repairs. This guarantees that our aircraft are in the hands of professionals who care about every detail.