Smart Aviation
Modular Course

Advanced UPRT

Are you looking to enhance your aviation skills? Do you want to increase your confidence in handling challenging in-flight situations? Our center offers intensive UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) that will help you master techniques for managing extreme aviation conditions.

Trust our experienced instructors who have extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in aircraft control under challenging conditions. Give yourself the opportunity to develop skills that can protect you from potential threats during flights.


Flight traning

I Option
Net priceHoursComments
2 000 EUR3 h for 2h on P208 and 1h on Extra 200
II Option
Net priceHoursComments
2 500 EUR3 hfor 1h on P208 and 2h on Extra 200
III Option
Net priceHoursComments
3 000 EUR3 hfor 3h on Extra 200

Additional costs

EPPO full landing fee
15 EURGross cost including discount
EPPO touch & go landing fee
5 EURGross cost including discounti