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IR/ME flight from Poznan to Capua

06.06 2017

IR/ME flight from Poznan to Capua. Our mission is to pick up our new airplane, get mozzarella cheese and have fun. On board Kevin Tol, Dogukan Tamkan, Patryk Zeranski and Mateusz Dzialynski. All members are happy. Kevin is getting IR/ME training, Dogukan is building his flight time on brand new airplane including 300 nm cross country flight needed for CPL, Patrick is enjoying his time since he has become officially father this week and Mateusz is happy to fix some tiny issues at SP-ULC at Tecnam facility. We will keep you updated. You may monitor our trip on flightradar24

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Poznan Lawica Int. Airport
Bukowska 285 street (GA Terminal)
60-189 Poznan
  • +48667667235 Anna Iglinska
    +48609455228 Artur Kromski
    +48667667534 Anna Kolasinska
  • osl@smartaviation.eu

International Student Helpdesk

Mateusz Dzialynski - HT CFI