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For those students that have completed the ATPL theory exams and want to pursuit the professional EASA airline pilot qualification Smart Aviation offers a unique MEP/MEIR/CPL course. This course combines 10 hours of flight training on the Tecnam P2008 JC with 40 hours on the ALSIM ALX FNPT2 simulator and 30 hours on the Tecnam P2006t. This program will be conducted in Poznan and is estimated to last 8-10 weeks approximately. The MEP/MEIR/CPL skill test can be completed under any preferred EASA authority, which will issue the license. Examiner and landing fees are not included. The MEP/MEIR/ CPL course includes:


  • A 2-day in-class IFR prep course
  • MEP (L) theory
  • VFR introductory lecture 
  • 10 hours Tecnam P2008 JC
  • 30 hours Tecnam P2006t (multi-engine)
  • 40 hours Alsim ALX FNPT2  
  • Aircraft rental for skill test MEP/ME/IR/CPL 

Price 19 500 EUR

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The course starts every first Tuesday of the month, payments are spread in instalments over the duration of the training.

Starting dates for 2023:

  • 10th Jan ’23 
  • 7th Feb ’23 
  • 7th March ’23 
  • 9th April ’23 
  • 9th May ’23 
  • 6th June ’23 
  • 4th July ’23 
  • 1st Aug ’23 
  • 5th Sep ’23 
  • 3th Oct  ’23 
  • 7th Nov ’23

To start the MEP/MEIR/CPL course you need to meet the following requirements:

  • EASA medical class 1
  • ATPL theory exams passed
  • 70 PIC
  • NVFR in license
  • P2008 JC familiarisation

To do the MEP/MEIR/CPL skill test you need to have 100 PIC/200 TT


Contact the international student help desk:

+48 887 888 978

Contact the international student help desk:

+48 887 888 978

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    Head of Training

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    Safety Manager

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