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Light Aircraft Pilot License (Aeroplane)

LAPL(A) is a new kind of pilot license issued in accordance with EASA states only. The LAPL(A) does not fully comply with the ICAO standards for aeroplane pilot licensing contained in the ICAO Annex 1 ‘Personnel Licensing’. Holder of a LAPL(A) is allowed to fly single engine piston airplanes with maximum take-off mass of less than 2000 kg. LAPL(A) theoretical course is the same as PPL(A) and includes 9 subjects. However the practical training needs only 30 hours to accomplish. That’s why LAPL(A) might be interesting option for recreational pilots.

Entry requirements:

Flight training:

Privileges and limitations:

A LAPL(A) can be upgraded to PPL(A) if holder of LAPL(A) completes 15 hours of flight time where 10 hours must be flown at ATO including 4 hours of solo flight under supervision with 2 hours of solo cross country flight time with at least 1 flight of at least 270 km (150 NM) with 2 full stop landings at different aerodromes than aerodrome of departure.

LAPL(A) training price list:

training costs: price excl. VAT hours remarks
LAPL(A) ground training 500,00 EUR 100,0 h 30 lectures / 70 self studying
LAPL(A) practical training 3900,00 EUR 30,0 h minimum flight time required
LAPL(A) instruction hour 140,00 EUR 1,0 h cost of extra hour after exceeding 30 hours
LAPL(A) check ride 200,00 EUR 2,0 h estimated time and cost of check ride
additional fees:  EUR  PLN  
medical certificate class LAPL or 2 75,00 EUR  300,00 PLN must be issued in accordance with Part-MED
CAA aviation fee – LAPL(A) theory 80,00 EUR 315,00 PLN please refer to the list of aviation fees
CAA aviation fee – LAPL(A) check ride 210,00 EUR 838,00 PLN please refer to the list of aviation fees
EPPO full stop landing 7,50 EUR 27,67 PLN including 23% VAT
EPPO touch & go 2,50 EUR 9,25 PLN including 23% VAT

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