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The biggest dreams deserve the best support. This is why Smart Aviation has partnered with Bristol Groundschool to deliver world class modular ATPL theory training for fixed wing pilots. The extensive and innovative Bristol Groundschool suite of learning materials provides all the knowledge you need for success, while the illuminating classroom lectures at Smart Aviation’s training centre will help to build a greater understanding of the complex theoretical concepts related to ATPL training.

Computer Based Training

ATPL distance learning can progress at your own pace, using Bristol Groundschool’s state-of-the-art application – ATPdigital. It is Bristol Groundschool’s computer based training (CBT) software. ATPdigital contains the lessons and progress tests that you need to complete during your course. It features in-built testing, interactive diagrams and videos to assist your learning. It can be downloaded on iPad as well as Windows and Mac PC’s. Once you have installed the software it can be used offline allowing you to study from any location. After completing the CBT you can take part in the two week revision course at Smart Aviation.

Contact hours requirement

You must complete a total of 650 hours of learning for your ATPL theory course. 10% (65 hours) of this must be live tuition. You can meet the hours requirement by attending the two week revision course at Smart Aviation which is held every two months. After completing the CBT and taking part in the two week revision course you are allowed to register for the ATPL theory exams at any of the EASA test centers.

Our ATPL theory course includes:

ATPdigital – high quality computer based training developed by Bristol Ground School

BGSonline – the leading ATPL question bank
Revision course (2 weeks) at Smart Aviation in Poznan to help you with any tricky areas, to consolidate your learning and to receive tips on how best to tackle the exams. You will spent this time with like minded students from all over Europe receiving inspirational lectures from outstanding aviation professionals and airline pilots. Excursions to various aviation related facilities will give you more insight into the day to day of airline operations and will make your learning experience at Smart Aviation truly memorable.

Maths and Physics
Before you start the ATPL study, there is a module on Maths and Physics. This serves two purposes; first it is a refresher for you if you have not studied these subjects for a while.

Secondly, it satisfies the regulatory requirement that we ensure your level of knowledge is sufficient for the remainder of the course. The Maths and Physics module is conducted in the CBT only and there are no EASA or UK CAA exams associated with it.

Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
During the two week lecture period there are a series of lessons and exercises addressing the ‘Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes’ (KSA) requirements. This subject area addresses non-technical requirements such as communication skills, workload management, leadership, and situational awareness.

Your ATPL theory course with Smart Aviation will take a minimum of 5 months to complete, though you are allowed to use a maximum of 18 months, and includes a combination of distance learning and classroom work. There are thirteen exams to be passed for the EASA ATPL, some more difficult than others.

All the lessons in ATPdigital must be completed before you can attend the revision course or take the examinations.

Progress is recorded through a series of short quizzes for each lesson (which require 100% to pass), as well as larger progress tests to conclude each significant section. ATPdigital automatically sends us the results which gives our instructors insight into the support needs of each individual student.

Before you start your ATPL theory course, you must have a PPL(A) issued to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. This is a mandatory requirement and you will be asked when you register for your course for your licence number, so please ensure that you have this to hand when signing up.

In order to get started you make a €1000 deposit. You will then be registered as an ATPL theory student and receive access to the ATPdigital CBT so you can immediately start studying. When you make the reservation for your revision course you will be asked to make the second payment of €1000.

Register now for the ATPL theory course at Smart Aviation.

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