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Smart Aviation is the only EASA Approved Training Organisation in Western Poland that offers applicants without previous flight experience the flight training from Zero to frozen ATPL. If you are intending to become a professional airline pilot then this is the program for you. The training includes 9 modules and takes approximately 18 months to complete and will be delivered by our team of professional instructors, many of them airline pilots themselves, from our dedicated training base at Poznan’s international airport EPPO. In Poland professional flight training is VAT free which means that if you sign a contract “from Zero to frozen ATPL” all training modules like PPL(A), Hour Building, Night VFR, MEP(L), ME/IR and CPL will be VAT exempt. Be smart and save your money while you launch your career as an airline pilot.


The Zero to frozen ATPL course includes the following modules:

  • 1-st – PPL(A): 100 hour theoretical course and 45 hours of flight training Tecnam P2008 JC plus 1,5 hours PPL(A) skill test;
  • 2-nd – ATPL(A) theory: 650 hours of theoretical training in cooperation with Bristol Groundschool;
  • 3-rd – NVFR: 5 hours of theoretical course and 5 hours of flight training Tecnam P2008 JC;
  • 4-th – Hour Building: 107 hours PIC Tecnam P2008 JC (pilot in command);
  • 5-th – MEP(L): 7 hours of theoretical course and 6 hours of flight training on the Tecnam P2006t;
  • 6-th – MEIR: 35 hours of Alsim ALX simulator training plus 15 hours on the Tecnam P2006T;
  • 7-th – CPL(A): 10 hours of practical training on the Tecnam P2008 JC and 5 on the Tecnam P2006t.
  • 8-th – Skill test MEP (L) + ME/IR + CPL Tecnam P2006T.
  • 9-th – MCC/JOC on the Alsim ALX

Price 45 000 EUR

Find our full price list here

!! ATPL(A) theoretical exams must be accomplished before starting the MEP (L) + ME/IR + CPL(A) practical training.!!


Price includes aircraft rental for skill tests and landing fees for the PPL and CPL/IR training at EPPO or EPZG. Landing fees for hour building are based on the hour building taking place at EPZG. The skill test can be done under any EASA authority with the EASA CPL issued by that authority. Test fees for testing under a non-Polish EASA authorities are not included.

Read it carefully:

  • training must be accomplished within 2 years of signing the contract;

  • payments are spread over the duration of the training based on the above mentioned modules 1 – 9;

  • stated training is based on minimum legal requirements, the true amount of training required might be more depending on the students abilities;

  • aviation fees are only required for applicants of a license issued by Polish CAA;

  • testing under non Polish CAA’s are subject to test fees paid directly to Smart Aviation

  • landing fees at EPPO and EPZG are included but an approximation of the true amount of landings needed and total costs for landings might differ from this.  All landing fees are published at AIP Poland GEN 4.1.8 (5.1.13 and 5.1.14);


Contact the international student help desk:

+48 887 888 978

Contact the international student help desk:

+48 887 888 978

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    Flight School Office

    Poznan-Lawica Int Airport GAT
    ul. Bukowska 285, 60-189 Poznan
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      +48667667534 Anna Kolasinska

    Aircraft Service Center

    Smart Aviation Aircraft Maintenance
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    ul. Szkolna 23, 66-111 Nowe Kramsko

    Head of Training

    Mateusz Dzialynski HT CEO

    Safety Manager

    Witold Lozynski SMS
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