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Modular traning from Zero to ATPL(A) frozen

Smart Aviation is the only EASA Approved Training Organization in Western Poland offering applicants without previous flight experience a complex flight training from Zero to ATPL(A) frozen. Training includes 7 modules. In Poland professional training is VAT free. It means that only ATPL(A) and CPL(A) training is VAT free. However, if you sign a contract “from Zero to ATPL(A)” all training modules like PPL(A), Hour Building, Night VFR, MEP(L) and  will be also VAT free as a part your complex professional training. Be smart and save your money. If you decide for modular training from beginning you will simply avoid paying 23% of VAT.

Entry requirements:

Flight training:




Zero to ATPL(A) frozen includes following modules:

!!! ATPL(A) theoretical course must be accomplished before starting ME/IR and CPL(A) practical training.

Zero to ATPL frozen modular training price list effective on 01.01.2020:

PPL(A) price hours remarks
PPL(A) theoretical course 500,00 EUR 100,0 h 30 h classroom / 70 h distance learning
PPL(A) practical training 6000,00 EUR 40,0 h Tecnam P2002-JF or P2002-JR
PPL(A) practical training 500,00 EUR 5,0 h Alsim ALX simulator
cost of training 7 000 EUR    
ATPL(A) price hours remarks
ATPL(A) theoretical course 2000,00 EUR 650,0 h 80 h classroom / 585 h distance learning
cost of training  1 500  EUR    
Hour Building (100h)
price hours remarks
Tecnam P2002-JF/JR 13650,00 EUR 105,0 h hour building on P2002-JF or P2002-JR
Diamond DA40 G1000 21000,00 EUR 105,0 h hour building on Diamond DA40 G1000
hour building on P2002
13 650 EUR    
Night VFR price hours remarks
NVFR theoretical course 150,00 EUR 5,0 h lectures in classroom
NVFR practical training 750,00 EUR 5,0 h Tecnam P2002-JF or P2002-JR
cost of training 900 EUR    
MEP(L) price hours remarks
MEP(L) theoretical course 300,00 EUR 7,0 h lectures in classroom
MEP(L) practical training 2100,00 EUR 6,0 h Tecnam P2006T
cost of training 2 400 EUR    
IR/ME price hours remarks
CPL/IR Basic FNTP II 500,00 EUR 5,0 h Alsim ALX simulator
CPL/IR Basic MEP(L) 1750,00 EUR 5,0 h Tecnam P2006T
IR/ME Procedural FNTP II 3500,00 EUR 35,0 h Alsim ALX simulator
IR/ME Procedural MEP(L) 3500,00 EUR 10,0 h Tecnam P2006T
cost of training 9 250 EUR    
price hours remarks
CPL(A) practical training on SEP 1500,00 EUR 10,0 h Tecnam P2002-JF or P2002-JR
CPL(A) practical training on MEP 1750,00 EUR 5,0 h Tecnam P2006T
cost of training 3 250 EUR    
aircraft rental for skill test price hours  remarks
PPL(A) skill test 225,00 EUR 1,5 h Tecnam P2002-JF 
ME+IR+CPL skill test 1400,00 EUR  4,0 h Tecnam P2006T
additional fees  EUR  PLN remarks
medical class 1 certificate 145,00 EUR 600,00 PLN must be issued in accordance with Part-MED
CAA aviation fee – PPL(A) theory
80,00 EUR 315,00 PLN must be paid before PPL(A) theoretical exam
CAA aviation fee – PPL(A) skill test 200,00 EUR 838,00 PLN must be paid before PPL(A)  skill test
CAA aviation fee – ATPL(A) exam test 250,00 EUR 1047,00 PLN must be paid before ATPL(A) theoretical exam
CAA aviation fee – ME+IR+CPL skill test 650,00 EUR 2723,00 PLN must be paid before ME+IR+CPL  skill test
EPPO full stop landing 7,50 EUR 27,67 PLN price including taxes
EPPO touch & go 2,50 EUR 9,25 PLN price including taxes


38 450 EUR

Price does not include additional costs and aircraft rental for skill test!!! 

Read it carefully:

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