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Alvaro Mendicuti got a job at Vueling Airline

08.08 2018

Congratulations to our MEP(L)+IR/ME+MCC student Alvaro Mendicuti from Spain on successful completion airline assessment at Vueling Airline. It’s been mile stone for you to become an airline pilot. You’ve started your aviation career as a cabin crew. Now you’re starting your type rating to become First Officer on Airbus A320. No doubt it is a beautiful success story you may be very proud of.

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Full contact details

Flight School Office

Poznan-Lawica Int Airport GAT
ul. Bukowska 285, 60-189 Poznan

Aircraft Service Center

Smart Aviation Aircraft Maintenance
ZIelona-Gora Babimost EPZG
ul. Szkolna 23, 66-111 Nowe Kramsko

Head of Training

Mateusz Dzialynski HT CEO

Safety Manager

Witold Lozynski SMS