When you are occupied with your flight training it is important that you stay at comfortable accommodation in a city that is convenient, safe and fun. Poznan is the perfect city with great public transport, nightlife and plenty of accommodation options. This will make your experience at Smart Aviation even more memorable.

Poznań city

Topography – Poznań is a compact city, neither too small nor too big, which makes it very welcoming and gives it a cosy, but vibrant atmosphere.
It has many green zones, parks and natural areas which are great to explore. The city is located in the Warta river valley with some smaller rivers. It has also several larger lakes and water reservoirs with recreational beaches. Thanks to this you can enjoy various water sports and relax by the water.

Residents – Poznań is an important academic site with about 130,000 students enrolled with its almost 30 universities creating a lively and convenient base to do the flight training from with a lot of young people.

Entertainment –  the city has several museums and cinemas, art-houses and events. The Kontenerart and Rozbrat social centres host frequent gigs, exhibitions, festivals, poetry evenings and concerts. The city centre with beautiful old town has many clubs, pubs, restaurants and coffee houses.
A popular venue is Malta, a park with an artificial lake in its centre. On one south bank of the lake there are ski and sleigh slopes, and on the opposite bank a big complex of swimming pools, including an Olympic-size one.

Airport – is close to the city centre and with excellent public transport and a network of bicycle lanes throughout the city, travel to and from the flight school is made very easy.


Student Depot – For long term students we recommend the facilities of Student Depot. These facilities are in the city center and offer private accommodation surrounded by a restaurant, gym and shops. Monthly prices are around €400 but the minimum booking period is 10 months.

For bookings at Student Depot contact:
al. Niepodległości 36
61-714 Poznań

Contact the international student help desk:

+48 887 888 978


Contact the international student help desk:

+48 887 888 978


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