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Smart Aviation LLC is an Approved Training Organisation with certificate number PL/ATO-51 approved by Polish Civil Aviation Authority. Our flying school is based at Poznan International Airport. Smart Aviation is the only EASA Approved Training Organization in Poznan offering applicants without previous flight experience a complex flight training from Zero to (f)ATPL.

For basic training we have chosen Tecnam P2002-JF – a single engine piston airplane equipped with Garmin G500 glass cockpit and highest technology GTN 650 touch screen. Tecnam P2002-JF combines great flight characteristics with the highest standards of aviation safety. Before making the right decision to find the best aircraft to train our candidates, we have taken into considaration very fast development of General Aviation industry. Digital avionics has become a standard. Students who think seriously about their aviation career should be familiar with advanced avionics which is common in airline transportation. That’s why Tecnam P2002-JF is presently the best selling two-seater in Europe. Other factors among newest technology are good performance, safety, and lower operational costs. It helps to modernize fleet and get rid of older constructions which become more expensive to maintenance each year. Tecnam with its safe flight characteristics, great visibility and approved 22 knots cross wind seems to be almost a perfect basic trainer available in the market.

Our goal is to teach you to fly professionally and safely by providing you the highest standards of aviation training. Smart Aviation conducts both theoretical and practical training from Zero to ATPL frozen. All theory classes are conducted by professional and experienced instructors. Our students are well prepared to easily pass their aviation exams after finishing the course. Learning to fly in controlled airspace makes you to fly professionally from the first beginning in real aviation environment. We are also offering Aviation English courses for pilots interested in gaining English ICAO level 4 or higher which is necessary when conducting international flights..

Find us at Poznan International Airport in General Aviation Terminal. If you are interested in a familiarization course or wish to get more information about upcoming aviation courses please contact us at +48 887 888 978 or send a mail to info@smartaviation.eu.

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Full contact details

Flight School Office

Poznan-Lawica Int Airport GAT
ul. Bukowska 285, 60-189 Poznan
  • +48667667235 Anna Iglinska
    +48609455228 Artur Kromski
    +48667667534 Anna Kolasinska
  • ato@smartaviation.eu

Aircraft Service Center

Smart Aviation Aircraft Maintenance
ZIelona-Gora Babimost EPZG
ul. Szkolna 23, 66-111 Nowe Kramsko

Head of Training

Mateusz Dzialynski HT CEO

Safety Manager

Witold Lozynski SMS
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